8 Reasons to Invest in Girls in 2018

The start of a new year brings hope and a fresh start, yet sometimes our optimism leads us to be overly ambitious with our resolutions.  In fact, studies show that over 90% of new year’s resolutions fail, 20% within the first week of the year.


This year why not make a resolution that’s easy to keep, and give back? Set up a monthly donation of any amount, and we’ll match you with a girl so you can see the direct impact you have on her life. Here are 8 reasons why to support girl’s education in 2018.


Reason 1. Having access to basic schooling has a significant impact on a girl’s earning potential, allowing her to escape the cycle of poverty. Her country benefits too! GDP rises by 3% for every 10% of girls that attend school.


Reason 2. Kenya & Uganda are in the centre of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and the leading cause of death for young women are AIDS-related illnesses. Girls under 25 account for 20% of new infections, but this rate halves for girls who attend school. Education is one of the most effective tools available for curbing HIV/AIDS.


Reason 3. 20% of girls in Africa are married before they reach 15, often to a man much older than them with multiple wives. This driver of this practice is poverty, as families seek to relieve the economic burden. Keeping girls in school is a crucial method for ending this harmful practice.


Reason 4. Women and girls living in poverty are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, yet educating girls is being championed as the number one thing the world can do to protect the planet. Educated women have smaller, sustainable families, and are far more likely to take an active role in advocating for change. A massive reduction of 120 gigatons of carbon is forecast by 2050 simply through investing in girls’ education.


Reason 5. Women invest 90% of their income back into their families, compared to just 30-40% for men. More educated mothers means a generation of healthier, better educated children, far less likely to grow up in poverty themselves.


Reason 6. Fact: education saves lives. Not only do educated mothers have healthier children, they are also 70% less likely to die during childbirth themselves, lowering the chance of their children growing up without a mother. 12.2 million children would be saved from stunting if their mother had secondary education.


Reason 7. In sub-Saharan Africa, a devastating 40% of women have experienced physical or sexual abuse by an intimate partner. However, this rate reduces by 1/3 when a woman is educated.  Education gives women economic independence, providing greater freedom and control in choosing partners and deciding whether and when to marry.


Reason 8. The world needs educated girls to bring political change. Women with education are more likely to vote, become advocates for causes in the community, and hold political positions of power. These empowered women are crucial both as role models for young girls, and for changing public perceptions on gender equality.