Journeys by Design specializes in boutique, luxury safari experiences. Based out of the UK, each safari is tailor-made to provide a once in a lifetime experience. You will begin your Ugandan mountain adventure in the Bwindi impenetrable forest at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge. After an early morning rise you and a small group with a dedicated ranger will set out through the undergrowth of the jungle to find a family of rare mountain gorillas – there are only 650 left in the world. Once you find them, you will sit amongst them for an hour, one of the most extraordinary hours of your life, and marvel at these beautiful creatures. The next day you will visit the Batwa, a pigmy tribe

On day 3 you will relocate to spectacular Kyaninga Lodge on the edge of a volcanic crater that is now a lake. There you will embark on a thrilling Chimpanzee trek where you will be fascinated and amused  with rare primate behavior. On Day 5 you will be transferred to luxury Semliki Lodge where you will enjoy game drives, rare night drives, or a boat ride on Lake Albert to look for bird wildlife including the endangered Shoebill. Gorilla Trekking Uganda Itinerary

6 Days: 2 people
Includes all Internal Flights
Value: $22,500