New Beginnings

Your help will allow 3 bright girls to attend university this fall!

A girl’s chance at financial independence is dramatically increased with a university education. For One Girl Can’s scholarship participants, the first day of university will be a day that changes the course of her life forever. 

We have a funding gap of $10,500 for 3 incredible girls and we need your help! One Girl Can’s New Beginnings campaign will provide these three girls with a university education and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty and inequality.

Meet the girls:

Hannah Njeri

Hannah experienced poverty and tribal wars as a child and moved away to seek a safer environment. Despite the various obstacles, her parents and teachers’ confidence helped her stay motivated to achieve her goals. With One Girl Can’s help, Hannah hopes to become a doctor and role model to other girls, showing that education and perseverance can also help them become independent and self-sufficient.

Fatuma Haroba 

Fatuma was a victim of female genital mutilation at the age of 12. She would like to educate members of her community on the dangers of female circumcision and put an end to this ancient custom. Fatuma hopes to become a Medical Engineer through her scholarship, and use her knowledge to share her experiences, raise awareness, and cease the practices of female genital mutilation. 

Mary Ninda 

Mary lost her father at a young age, forcing her four older brothers to drop out of school and work to cover living costs. As the youngest child and only female, Mary saw the importance of becoming educated when looking at her brothers and illiterate mother. With the support of her family, she has been working hard in hopes of becoming an Optician and creating an Education Fund Program to help disadvantaged children in her community. 

This summer, our goal is to raise $10,500. This sum will cover the 3 girls’ year worth of tuition, laptop, and living expenses. Absorbing 100% of the girls’ expenses is essential due to the significant cost associated with university education and the substantial investments families have made in the high school education of their daughters. 

What impact will your donation have?

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