Atanga Girls Secondary School

Northern Uganda is still recovering from the devastating impacts of the very recent civil war, waged by Joseph Kony and his violent rebel group the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). The rebels killed thousands and committed countless human rights violations, particularly against girls. It forced over 90 percent of the district’s population to seek refuge in Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDPs) for more than 20 years.


With a strong desire to rebuild their lives, the people of northern Uganda listed their top priorities for moving forward as peace, health care and education for their children. One year after the war, One Girl Can began rebuilding Atanga Girls School. At the time this school consisted of only 3 dilapidated classrooms and a corrugated hut for a kitchen.


Investment since 2009: $774,092


Buildings Constructed:

4 classrooms | 3 science labs |  library | computer lab | dining hall & kitchen |

washroom facility | 12 teacher’s residences | 12 pit latrines


Science Labs

Indoor Washrooms

Teacher's Residency

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