Ganze Girls Secondary School

Ganze village, one of the poorest communities in Kenya, survives primarily on subsistence farming. The women in the community are relied on to plant crops, fetch water, collect firewood and raise children. In this region polygamy is still widely practiced, and young girls are often married to older men with multiple wives to relieve the economic burden. School is not free and what little resources families have are invested in education for boys, who they believe to have more earning potential.


We began our partnership with Ganze school in 2010. At the time there were only 160 girls at the school, but the more we built, the more girls came. By 2018 the school's population was 600, and counting.


Investment since 2010: $707,672


Buildings Constructed or Renovated:

8 classrooms | a library | a kitchen | 4 dormitories | 3 washroom facilities  | 2 science labs




Science Labs

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