Magomano Girls High School

Magomano is one of our newest partner schools, located 2 hours north of Nairobi. Upon our first visit to the school, we discovered overcrowded  dormitories which hadn't been renovated for 40 years. Bunkbeds were crammed in side by side, creating a significant fire hazard, and the adjoining washrooms were also in advanced disrepair.


One Girl Can are currently working on renovating 3 dormitories with adjoining washrooms, so the girls at the school can have a safe and dignified place to rest. Donate and help us change the lives of the girls at Magomano School!


Total Cost: $125,000


In progress

3 dormitories with adjoining washrooms

The dorms have not been renovated in 40 years

Adjoining washrooms are in advanced disrepair

Dorms are currently being rebuild

One of the adjoining washrooms has been finished.

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