Magomano Girls High School

Magomano is one of our newest partner schools, located 2 hours north of Nairobi. Upon our first visit to the school, we discovered overcrowded  dormitories which hadn't been renovated for 40 years. Bunkbeds were crammed in side by side, creating a significant fire hazard, and the adjoining washrooms were also in advanced disrepair.


One Girl Can are currently working on renovating 3 dormitories with adjoining washrooms, so the girls at the school can have a safe and dignified place to rest. Donate and help us change the lives of the girls at Magomano School!


Total Cost: $125,000


Building Projects Underway:

3 dormitories with adjoining washrooms

The dorms have not been renovated in 40 years

Overcrowding creates a fire hazard

Adjoining washrooms are in advanced disrepair

Current conditions do not provide adequate hygiene

Help us build Magomano School!

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