Patongo Elementary School

Patongo Elementary School is located only an hour from Atanga Girls School, which we’ve also built in Northern Uganda. Like Atanga, it was devastated by the civil war led by Joseph Kony. The students at Patongo were the subject of an award-winning documentary called War Dance. The film captured the passion and focus of these students as they transitioned from children raised in a violent war environment to students competing in a national school tribal music and dance competition.


One Girl Can completely transformed this school from a few dilapidated buildings with 1600 students crowded into a few classrooms, to a campus with room to grow and on site boarding facilities for girls who have to walk long distances to school each day.


Investment since 2007: $543,931


Buildings Constructed or Renovated:

8 classrooms | a library | a dining/assembly hall | 6 teacher’s residences |

2 pit latrines | 2 dormitories | 1 washroom facility

8 Classrooms


Assembly + Dining Hall

2 Dormitories + Indoor Washroom

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