One Girl Can

Our mission is to empower girls through education, to break the cycle of poverty, and gender imbalance in sub-Saharan Africa.

We Build

We build and rehabilitate existing schools for girls in rural Kenya and Uganda. We are committed to long-term partnerships that ensure the school’s infrastructure will continue to support their growth and maintain safe and enriching learning environments.

We Educate

We provide scholarships for girls with the greatest need and potential in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our university scholarship program started in 2013, with just 2 students. In 2017, 63 girls in university. Our high school scholarship program was introduced 3 years ago. Today, we support 127 students in high school.

We Mentor

One Girl Can mentors every student at the schools in which we are involved by teaching goal setting, confidence building, strategic thinking and career planning. Through a series of 3 workshops (Empower Me, I Want to Be, and I Will Be), girls are motivated, empowered, and equipped to create a path to their success.

Get Involved

Sponsor A Girl

Our holistic approach supports a girl from the beginning of high school through university.

Build A School

A dynamic physical learning environment is fundamental to academic performance.

Grad To Grad

This program supports grads in Canadian elementary and high schools to fundraise for a girl in Africa hoping to graduate with her education as well.