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In the marginalized regions of Kenya, education is unaffordable for many families.


“In sub-Saharan Africa, 33.3 million girls of primary and lower secondary school age are out of school. This number rises to 52.2 million when taking into account girls of upper secondary school age.”*


When you become a sponsor, you help give one of these girls an education and therefore a brighter future.


Sponsoring a girl is an incredibly powerful way to help her achieve her dreams and break free from poverty and gender inequality. With education, girls are empowered to grow into independent, confident women who contribute to the economic growth and stability of their country.


As a sponsor you’ll experience a life-enriching connection, and you’ll see your impact firsthand through letters and photos. And because of our cycle of empowerment, when you educate one girl, you educate many.


Meet some of our girls and see the difference you can make in their lives.





Elizabeth dreams of a brighter future through education to help repay her family for all the struggles they had to go through to keep her school fees paid.



She wishes to provide quality healthcare for children in the slums who need it most.



Emmy is highly motivated to pursue medicine so she can help all the people who can’t afford to access life-saving surgery.



She is grateful for this opportunity to pursue higher education and will not take it for granted.



Raised by a single mother, Maureen often missed school to stay home and care for her siblings. Her mother's strength and perseverance motivates her to reach her goals.


Dental Surgery

As the eldest of 5, Valentine is motivated to succeed and become a role model for her siblings. She would like to make her parents proud and lift her family out of poverty.


Aeronautical Engineering

Living in poor conditions motivates her to study hard so she can lift her family out of poverty. Growing up in the slums right by the airport inspired her to want to study aeronautical engineering.



Mercy feels strongly about changing people's perspective about girls in her community and help eliminate the gender and economic gap in the world.



As the eldest of 4 sisters, Yvonne is determined to pave the way towards a better life for her family and be a role model to her younger siblings.



Elizabeth believes that with education, she can be the voice of her generation and community. She wants to create change and end poverty for her family.



Her greatest desire is to give her family a better life as a way to thank her mother for all the sacrifices she's made to protect her and her siblings.



Living in a rural community where education is not accessible, Deborah is grateful for any time she spends studying and learning.


Clinical Medicine

Seeing her parents' struggle to make ends meet, Lucy swears she will work hard to eradicate poverty.



Because both her parents never got a chance for higher education, Mercy is committed to her studies to get a university degree.


Analytical Chemistry

Esther has dreams to be great. She was just accepted into University and knows education is the way to make her dream a reality.



Grade 9

Cecilia looks up to her mother, who raised her and her brother by herself and took on any odd jobs she could to help put food on the table and earn fees for their schooling.


Grade 10

Esther’s role model is her older sister, who always encouraged her to work hard to achieve her dreams. She aspires to become a role model herself now.


Grade 10

Orphaned at two years old, Ann was raised by her aunt, who became a strong role model for her. She wants to be a nurse so she can give back to her community.


Grade 11

Growing up without a permanent home to stay in, often staying with neighbours, Patricia hopes education can help provide a home for her family to stay together.


Grade 9

Her belief in herself to achieve anything she puts her mind to is what drives Tracy to do her best in school, despite challenges of living in the slums.


Grade 9

Anne would often be sent home from school because of lack of fees and had to learn from home from her older siblings, who are her inspiration.


Grade 9

Growing up in the Kibera slum, Ritah never dreamed she would get the opportunity to get an education and mentorship.


Grade 9

With education, Sarah hopes to have the chance to get out of the slums and give back to her family and community.


Grade 9

Joy knows that this opportunity to get an education is a privilege and is determined to work hard to succeed and achieve her goals.


Grade 9

Living in the poorest conditions in the Kibera slums, Antoninas became quite sick and didn’t know if she would ever recover. She is grateful for this chance to go to boarding school and escape the slums.


Grade 9

Faith considers herself extremely lucky to have won a scholarship and fulfill her dream of helping her whole family out of poverty.


Grade 10

The opportunity to go to school is a dream come true for Gaudencia, who was never sure when she would get her next meal.

*Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS, 2018). This number has risen from 28 million (UIS, 2015).

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Area of greatest need

$50Your donation can help to give one desk and bench for two students.

$100Provide school spirit with two sets of sports uniforms for 25 girls so they can stay active while at school.

$250Further the voices of tomorrow with one desktop computer for journalism club.

$10Outfit a girls sports team with two sets of uniforms.

$50Promote performance and fine arts education for girls by supporting with musical instruments for music and dance groups.

$66Can help provide a water tank adequate for drinking water for a whole school.

Sponsor a university student

$300Co-sponsor a university student

$500Buy a laptop for a first year university student

$1000Cover tuition expenses for a university student for one year

$3500Fully sponsor a girl for one year of university, including tuition, living expenses and laptop

$25Co-sponsor a university student

$42Buy a laptop for a first year university student

$84Cover tuition expenses for a university student for one year

$292Fully sponsor a girl for one year of university, including tuition, living expenses and laptop

Sponsor a high school student

$50Help fund tuition for a high school girl

$250Fund six months of high school for a girl

$500Fully sponsor a girl for one year, including tuition and board

$21Fund six months of high school for a girl

$42Fully sponsor a girl for one year, including tuition and board

$84Fully sponsor two girls for one year, including tuition and board

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