We educate

High School

Education beyond primary level is not free in Kenya. We provide secondary scholarships for girls with the greatest need and highest potential.

Many girls are often sent home from school because they aren’t able to pay the school fees. It costs $500 for one year of secondary school education in Kenya, which is often half or more of a household’s annual income.


Just $42/month or $1.40/day covers tuition and board for a girl and gives one of our bright, promising girls the chance to start writing their own future.


Jennifer wants to be a


Cecilia wants to be an

$458 TO GOAL

Valarie wants to be a

$300 TO GOAL


In the rural areas and urban slums where we work, chances of attending university are extremely low, especially if you are a girl. We provide university scholarships for the brightest and most determined girls, so they can break out of poverty and build a career.


In 2013, we offered two university scholarships and today, we have over 300 girls attending universities on scholarships. By donating, you can make a significant impact on the life of a girl.


A full university scholarship is $3500 a year (or $292/month). It includes full tuition, a livable allowance, a new laptop, and the cost of a 2 ½ day leadership conference each September.


Jesinta wants to be a
Finance manager

$1200 TO GOAL

Martha wants to be an

$2000 TO GOAL

Charity wants to be an

$500 TO GOAL