We Mentor

When we began interacting with the girls at our schools, we realized no one had ever even asked them what they want to be.


For many girls in sub-Saharan Africa, their future is predetermined from birth. They will remain trapped in the cycle of poverty; marrying young, rearing children and working 15-18 hours a day, often as a single parent.


Through coaching and mentoring, we help these girls realize that an alternative future can be theirs. Our workshops teach them how to create a vision for the life they want to live, how to develop a plan to achieve this, and to execute the plan everyday to begin moving their lives forward.


Cycle of Empowerment

It doesn’t end with us. Every single successful girl in our program becomes a mentor herself. This creates a ripple effect throughout society, and ultimately moves us closer to ending poverty and gender inequality in the most marginalized regions.


Watch our Empower the Cycle Video to find out more!


Meet Our Mentors | Advisors

Our volunteer team of successful Kenyan women travel to our rural schools to coach and mentor the girls in our program. They share their own stories of struggle and success to inspire, motivate and guide the girls so they can fulfil their own potential. These women also act as our Advisory Board in Kenya, providing valuable insights and connections to their world.

Working with the rural communities in Kenya, I have seen firsthand girls dropping out of school at a young age to get married due to poverty. I was inspired to be a mentor with One Girl Can because I felt I had an opportunity to reach these young women.

Georgina Kinyili
Program Coordinator
Master of Arts in Community Development

Educating one girl is educating a whole family, a whole village, a whole community! Knowledge is the strongest weapon girls have to conquer this complex world.

Eunice Nyala
Entrepreneur & Executive Coach
Master of Science in Business

In a future where every girl is given an education, she will be empowered to make a difference in her community. That will build this nation to heights we never imagined.

Vivianne Wachanga
Bachelor of Law

We have been conditioned to think that being female we are a lesser breed of humanity. My hope is that through education more girls will feel brave to step out into previously unchartered waters and excel, without intimidation.

Goodie Odiamo
Entrepreneur & Business Owner
Bachelor of Graphic Design

I am from a minority group known as the Maasai. My childhood was full of challenges and I sometimes wonder if my life would have been different if I was offered guidance and support while growing up. I wish to offer mentorship to young girls facing similar obstacles.

Ann Suyanka
Merchant Acquiring Officer
Bachelor of Education

There has always been a belief that the girl child should be second to the boy child and this breaks my heart. I want every girl to know that they are full of potential and once their potential is fully utilized they will make a difference in the world.

Joyce Mwende
Finance Manager
Master of Business Administration